Oskar Back

The Netherlands Violin Competition, Category Oskar Back, is meant for top talents: violinists until the age of 26 that want to perform on the highest possible level. Participants are encouraged to achieve the best possible performance and to move on to further studies abroad or to participate in international competitions. Furthermore, the violinists get the chance to participate in activities that promote violin talents and be finalists in the programme ‘Talentsupport’.

Edition 2016, Category Oskar Back

  • Category Oskar Back: born between 7 February 1990 and 19 April 1998*
  • Preliminary round: 23 and 24 January 2016 (10.00 – 17.00 hours)
  • Semi-Final: 30 January 2016 (14.00 – 22.15 hours)
  • Final: 6 February 2016 (20.00 – 22.30 hours)

* Because of the transitional arrangement, the age limit between the categories Davina van Wely and Oskar Back is based on the date of the Oskar Back final in 2013.