Admission requirements

Admission requirements
Participants are divided into different age groups based on the age at the day of the finale: 6 February 2016.

  • Category Iordens: born between 7 February 2002 and 6 February 2006
  • Category Davina van Wely: born between 20 April 1998* and 6 February 2002
  • Category Oskar Back: born between 7 February 1990 and 19 April 1998*
  • Showcase Violin Talents: born between 7 February 1998 and 6 February 2010

* In 2016 we make an exception for the upper limit of the Category Davina van Wely and the lower limit of the category Oskar Back. This is a transitional arrangement: candidates that still were the age of 17 on 19 April 2015 (exactly two years after the competition in 2013) are still allowed to participate in the Category Davina van Wely.

Participants have to have a Dutch passport, have been living in The Netherlands for a minimum of two years or have to be a student at a Dutch conservatory.

There is a maximum of 45 candidates in the preliminary round of the Category Iordens , in the Category Davina van Wely this number is 30 and in the Category Oskar Back it is 25. The numb3er of participants in the Showcase Violin Talents has not yet been limited.

Admission is in order of application. The application is complete when all application requirements are met (including biography, photograph, choice of programme, reference letter and copy of identification). The board and/or the management are empowered to refuse the application of candidates in the case of an incomplete application or other compelling reasons.

Obligations in case of participation
All candidates that have enrolled and have been accepted into the competition are obliged to play the required program. Participants can determine the order themselves. In November 2015 there will be a kick-off event and The Netherlands Violin Competition will organize some workshops. Participants should be present at these activities.
If the candidate cannot be present, he/she should notify the organization as soon as possible.

Accompaniment on the piano
It is the responsibility of the candidate to bring an accompanying pianist for each performance – i.e. performances in the preliminary round and possibly the semi-final and final if the candidate has been qualified for those.

Schedule preliminary rounds
The order of the performances is scheduled by the organization. If possible, traveling time of the candidate is taken into account. Changes in the schedule are only made in cases of force majeure. Individual requests regarding the schedule will not be taken into account.

The Netherlands Violin Competition is entitled to broadcast the performances of the candidates during the competition on radio and/or TV, or to record the performances for later broadcasting. There will be no credits.
The Netherlands Violin Competition will also make photographs and short video’s during the preliminary rounds and (semi-)finals for publicity purposes and distribute those on various media. With enrolling the competition, candidates give their consent to publication of photographs and video’s by The Netherlands Violin Competition.
It is not allowed for participants and audiences to make video recordings or use the photographic flash during performances.

Jury decisions are not to be discussed. The jury can decide not to grant one or more prizes.

The prize money should be used for the further development of the playing of the winner. If the winner does not collect the prize money, the entitlement to the money expires two years after the day of the final.

Participation fee
The participation fee is €40,-. This includes a personal ticket for the final of the category the candidate is participating in. The participation fee is not refundable.